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Tara - the most beautiful and most attractive rivers of Europe. On its way from Komovi, 145 kilometers long, created a canyon nearly a hundred kilometers and 1.3 kilometers deep. The Tara canyon is the second deepest in the world (after Colorado Grand Canyon), but it is certainly the first in beauty.

Only with rafting can be detected anatomy of the canyon and its handwriting. Every new kilometer, even so a meter, all along the way, gives another hue, another scene, another challenge.

This is a real opportunity to provoke the adrenalin inside you, to experience the untouched nature which is still rare anywhere in the world can meet. Just one visit to the rafting down its exciting cascades and bathing in the river, will awaken in you the passion and spirit of adventure of a lifetimeom!


Although it is not created by nature than the human hand, Piva lake enchants beauty. His emerald-green color, contrasting with the harsh gray cliffs of the former Piva Canyon, breathtaking observer.
                             Boat ride on, smooth as a mirror surface, it gives you a sense of the primeval peace, and the view on the stone cliffs are filled with awe by what nature has created for centuries.
                             Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy for a short eternity of romance that exudes every landscape of Piva and Komarnica canyons.


Discover the beauty and elegance of wild and preserved nature. Feel the cool mountain air and enjoy the proximity of the main peaks and beautiful lakes                             
Prepare your cameras, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, from whose beauty certainly breathtaking. You will see the natural resources that feed the soul and long in the memory.                             
Maybe you photos will not be necessary, because images of these amazing foreface last long in your thoughts.

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If you love nature, you want to get away from city noise and crowds and enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of life, visit the municipality of Plužine and household Tijanić.

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